Hourly-Paid Employees of Continental Automotive, Inc.

Did you start receiving a pension from the Continental Automotive, Inc. Pension Plan for Hourly-Paid Employees in the last six (6) years?

We’re investigating whether Continental Automotive is underpaying retirees who are receiving a joint and survivor annuity (which pays a benefit to your spouse after your death) or a certain and life annuity (which pays benefits for life, but for a minimum of 10, 15 or 20 years). Specifically, we’re looking into whether Continental Automotive uses a faulty formula for calculating these benefits.

If you worked for Continental Automotive as an hourly employee and started collecting pension benefits in the last 6 years AND selected a joint and survivor benefit or certain and life annuity, please contact us for a quick, confidential, and risk-free consultation. With a brief call, we can determine whether you qualify to join a class action lawsuit. We’re here to help, so please give attorney Chris Barrett a call at (860) 493–6292.

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